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"I have been privileged to work with Marty Gegner for years.  Her ability to see into people's dreams goes beyond mere intellectual wisdom. 

She has a honed gift to see beneath the surface and to suggest layers of meaning that are not so obvious.  There are few people whose insights I trust on matters of the mind and spirit.  Marty Gegner is among them".   Forbes Blair, Author, Teacher, and Fellow Dreamer.

"Marty is the ultimate dream work guide.  She is both analytical and intuitive as she guides and facilitates your to finding the true meaning of your dreams, layer by layer.

She is sensitive, caring, and generous in her analysis.  During my dream work sessions with Marty I have been enlightened and inspired, I have even felt goosebumps during those amazing "aha!" moments.  Than you Marty for sharing your gift with  the world!    Kathryn Weill   Celtic Heart, LLC


www.debendres.com  Certified Massage Therapist and Energy Worker extraordinaire.  Debbie is the Founder and Director of Divine and Inspired located in Brainerd.  If you want a Divine massage Debbie is the one to call!

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www.brainerdholistic.com for news and events in the Brainerd Lakes Area

www.freedomincreation.org-  Child Soldiers No More -  for more information, videos, and ways you can help.

 www.livinginthebalance.com for spiritual exploration
www.hadeninstitute.com for Dream Leader & Spiritual Direction Training

www.jeremytaylor.com founder of the Marin Institute for expert Projective Dream Work training.

I am so glad I met Marty Gegner!  Working with Marty has really helped me relieve so much stress - but it's even more than that.  She also answers my questions and concerns accurately through the Tarot Card sessions, which all have a spiritual tonality to them.  I'm amazed at the clarity and sense of well-being I have after every session.  If you've never had an energy healing session before, I would strongly recommend a visit with Marty!  I've had incredibly valuable experiences with her and look forward to working with her again.
Eva Swersey  Body Elements President & CEO


"Marty is a welcome Oasis in what can be a turbulent life.  She provides a wealth of love and encouragement for those of us who don't walk the beaten path, but instead make our footsteps the first time on a new path.  She blends practicality, wisdom, common sense, and spirituality in a way that leads one back to their inherent power.  She understands the human spirit can be broken, and helps us discover our own unique path to healing.

She has helped me find my way back to my True Self & I am claiming my "inner gold."  In Marty I have found a woman of wisdom, a spiritual mother & a mentor.  If you are looking to explore & expand your soul using a grounded approach in an accepting & supportive environment, you won't find a better source than Marty." 


Holistic Wellness, Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Guidance
                                             Serving locally in the Brainerd Lakes Area & Clients Nationwide

"Marty's generous, kind, skillful, and generously creative approaches to dream work make her a superb companion and guide on the path to deeper awareness, self-knowledge, and spiritual development. I am particularly moved by her facilitation of dream inspired art, and her sensitive grasp of the archetypal levels of the Tarot.  She has a deft ability to apply both of these ways of working to nurture and illuminate dreams"

Jeremy Taylor, D.Min., author of Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill, Dream Work, The Living Labyrinth, The Wisdom of Your Dreams, and Dreams: Dramas of the Night, (video).