With over 35 years of experience my goal is to bring healing, compassion, and understanding to all with whom I am privileged to work.


Certified by The Haden Institute and the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work, I have served as a faculty member of The Haden Institute Summer Dream Conference as well as an active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the American Tarot Association.  I am also a certified Reflexology practitioner.

Over time I entered the world of energy work.  As a Master Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher, I offer private Reiki sessions and classes for all Reiki levels.

From California to the Washington DC Metro Area, my private practice is now located in the Brainerd Lakes Area in the beautiful state of Minnesota where I offer my services locally and maintain a nationwide clientele.

Life is a journey and each one of us has an individual path to follow. Finding that path can sometimes be difficult, even painful.  It is my honor to share my journey with you in hopes my experiences can help you navigate yours.  I find the sharing of journeys and knowledge can be quite profound as each one of us is a student and each one of us is also a teacher. 

Often just the right phrase at just the right time provides the Aha! we need to find our next step.  I offer these pages in hopes you find a phrase or modality that helps you find your next step.

"The Soul Speaks in Images" - Aristotle

The Dream that Saved My Life

As I said above, I have been fascinated by my dreams since I was a child, but it was the precognitive dream that literally saved my life when I was in my teens that captivated me.   That was when I first realized dreams could be so powerful they could help alter the course of a life with profound results.   I have paid attention to my dreams ever since.

Of course I had not yet studied about dreams back then, but that nightmare seemed so real and frightened me so much my mother, who believed in the power of dreams, supported my need to stay home from school until the fear lifted.  It took two days.

The second night after the dream I was to have attended a bridal shower.  The bride and her three bridesmaids,  (her sisters) were going to pick me up on the way; I decided not to go because of the fear that arose each time I tried to talk myself into going.  I "knew" I was not to leave the house even though I didn't know why.

On the way to the bridal shower my friends were hit by a train while crossing railroad tracks at a blind intersection; all but one died.  The lone survivor was critically injured and remains profoundly handicapped.   I did not hear of the accident until the next morning after I woke up feeling normal.

At the funeral every detail was exactly as I had dreamed it except for one thing; I was not in a casket as I had been in my dream. My dream, and my mother, had prevented it from becoming a reality.

From that day on I knew dreams were not just random thoughts or the results from the experiences of any given day. Most dreams come from the psyche, but there are dreams, such as this one, that come from outside time and space.  The wisdom of our dreams is there for us once we decide to understand their language.

Helping someone understand their dream messages and guiding them through the maze of their personal symbols to a fulfilling conclusion, is a heartfelt and satisfying experience for all concerned.  It is particularly poignant when a person is experiencing recurring dreams, nightmares, or are just plain "stuck," not knowing which way to turn.

Your dreams offer insights that allow you to make choices which can help you fulfill your destiny rather than surrender to fate! Now that is personal power!

Hello, I'm Marty Gegner, Certified Dream Facilitator.  I admit it, I love the magical world of dreams. I have been enchanted by its mysteries since I was a child, then stunned by it as a teen when a precognitive dream literally saved my life.  

After that experience my dream was to help others understand their own dreams. I have been able to follow that dream to its fulfillment; for this I am very fortunate and very grateful.

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