"The Soul Speaks in Images"

Most of us have been fortunate  at some point in our lives to have witnessed a scene in nature, heard a piece of music, or have seen a work of art that moved us to the depth of our being. 

Those precious moments, those abiding images, are called conscious dreams.  They have spoken to our soul.

The Foreign Language of Dreams

Understanding the mysterious, often confusing language of your dreams isn't much different than trying to understand a foreign language.

The first time we hear a language we don't understand we are uncomfortable and confused.  Until we learn the meanings of the words, the unfamiliar sounds make no sense. However, once we learn the language, a whole new dimension of significance appears.  It is the same with our dreams.

By decoding our dreams, we tap the 85-90% of our brain we can't access when we are awake!

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"Dreams: The Magic Mirror that Never Lies"

With our logical mind asleep we can do things in our dreams like fly, travel in space, meet aliens, breathe under water, or have an enlightening conversation with a fish.

This often results in the bizarre aspect of a dream that leaves us wondering...

"What was that about?!"

Give me a call, together we can decode your personal dream language and discover what your dreams are trying to tell you!

Art, Music, & Nature as a Conscious Dream

"The only time God has our undivided attention is

when we are asleep"  - Robert Moss

Your dreams are so much more than the random residue of your daily experiences; they are the powerful connection to your psyche or soul's wisdom.   Dreams will amaze, amuse, frighten, and surprise you, but they will never lie.

Every dream, nightmares included - brings  information leading you to health and wholeness in mind, body and spirit.   Even though only you, the dreamer, knows the true meaning of your dreams; the symbolic language dreams use can be so baffling a guide is helpful in decoding their deeper message.  This is where I come in; my job is to guide you through the maze of symbols and metaphors that lead you to that "aha" of recognition.

 Join me to navigate this mystical, magical, marvelous world and its amazing gifts. It is enlightening and fun to translate your unique dream language to make sure you "get the message." 


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Experiences like these have the potential to produce a powerful and spontaneous emotional charge, evoking new perceptions on spiritual, emotional and cognitive levels. 

When we explore those moments the same way we explore a dream, the same possibilities for insight and enlightenment occur. 

Those involuntary responses to images are our unconscious mind's way of triggering memories of how we became the person we are and what we can do to become the person we want to be and gently stop being the person we are not.  

Our soul is very clever, it wants us to live our life to its fullest capacity in love, joy, and fulfillment.  It will do what it has to do to get our attention so we can do just that and do it on purpose.

The International Association for the Study of Dreams Ethics Statement

The International Association for the Study of Dreams celebrates the many benefits of dream work, yet recognizes that there are potential risks.  IASD supports an approach to dream work and dream sharing that respects the dreamer’s dignity and integrity, and which recognizes the dreamer as the decision-maker regarding the significance of the dream. Systems of dreamwork that assign authority or knowledge of the dream’s meanings to someone other than the dreamer can be misleading, incorrect, and harmful.

Ethical dream work helps the dreamer work with his/her own dream images, feelings, and associations, and guides the dreamer to more fully experience, appreciate, and understand the dream. Every dream may have multiple meanings, and different techniques may be reasonably employed to touch these multiple layers of significance.

 A dreamer’s decision to share or discontinue sharing a dream should always be respected and honored. The dreamer should be forewarned that unexpected issues or emotions may arise in the course of the dreamwork. Information and mutual agreement about the degree of privacy and confidentiality are essential ingredients in creating a safe atmosphere for dream sharing.  Dream work outside a clinical setting is not a substitute for psychotherapy, or other professional treatment, and should not be used as such.

IASD recognizes and respects that there are many valid and time-honored dream work traditions. We invite and welcome the participation of dreamers from all cultures. There are social, cultural, and transpersonal aspects to dream experience. In this statement we do not mean to imply that the only valid approach to dreamwork focuses on the dreamer’s personal life. Our purpose is to honor and respect the person of the dreamer as well as the dream itself, regardless of how the relationship between the two may be understood.


  • Deal with unresolved issues
  • Improve relationships
  • Cope with anger, change and loss
  • Make better choices
  • Become more creative in all areas of life
  • Strengthen your intuition
  • Lead you toward personal growth and spiritual fulfillment
  • Guide you toward Individuation