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Marty's Dreamscape Art Studio

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Some of life's experiences can be quite difficult.  After my second eye surgery in 2003 I had to lie face down on a massage table for several weeks.  When I learned doctors were unable to save the vision in one eye and was diagnosed with macular degeneration in the other eye, I began an intense self pity party.  Finally I was told it was ok to sit up.   So what did I do? I checked my email.  Go figure.  Synchronistically, the very first email of that day was one I will never forget.  It was from Beliefnet.com with my angel message of the day.  It was a quote by James Hillman which read: 

"To see the angel in the malady requires an eye for the invisible,

a sort of blinding of one eye in order to see elsewhere."

Needless to say that quote ended my pity party.  At first I thought my art was a thing of the past but a dream showed me there was another way.  That way was to do the same thing as I'd always done ... paint what I see and what I feel.   The difference is what I see and feel is totally different that it was 'before.'

I began painting the emotions and subliminal images of my dreams then those of clients.  It has been an interesting journey to say the least.  I invite you to take a look at some of them, see what you see.  Your way of looking at any one will be different than anyone else's and unique to only you.