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My First Soul Talk

Growing up I  believed my mom was magic.  Looking back at those early years I realize I was right; she truly was.

One of my favorite memories of us was when I was about 7.  We were walking in the woods when she stopped, she had found the tree she had been searching for.  Well, I thought it was a tree. It wasn't just a tree to her.

To her it was a friend.  I watched as she gently stretched her arms as far as she could around its massive trunk, leaned her head against it, and closed her eyes.  A few seconds later she pulled me in to hug it with her and so I did.   I got restless and with the attention span of a 7 year old I asked, “how long do we hug it?”  She said, “until you feel her hug you back.”  That image of us, of her, lives in my heart and soul.  It will be there until the day I join her.

I realized many, many years later what I did not know then.   I learned that when I listened to the tree that day I was really listening to God.  My mom taught me Soul Talk.  How lucky am I! 

One of the greatest blessings in my life today is sharing Soul Talk with you.


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